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Friday, February 11, 2011

Before and After

I love good before and after photos.  I have quite a few before and after projects nearly ready to go but for today I can proudly show your our new and improved dining room!  One week after putting my foot down and suggesting we rip the carpet out of the dining room, voila...c'est fini!  That's quick work, isn't it?  We had to get it done while the in-laws were away on their boat so we could crash at their place during the project instead of trying to live amongst the chaos.  It also happened to be the hottest days of the summer which meant Peter was inside sanding with all the doors and windows shut so as to not blow the dust everywhere.  Poor guy nearly died of heat exhaustion!  But I must say I am so impressed with his work.  I just love the floors in all their whiteness.  So far it hasn't been a problem keeping them clean and most importantly they are extremely wipe-able as opposed to the food encrusted carpet that lay there previously.  The guy in the paint shop thought we were crazy to sand particle board and paint it white but I think it looks amazing.  Much better than the lino he was trying to talk me into.

Painting the interior white before we had actually moved in.  Notice the grey carpet throughout.

New clean white floors!


  1. it looks amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Holy crap that looks incredible!!! That's particle board?? wtf? How did you do that, or even come up with that idea?? I'm so green with envy right now!!!!

  3. looks great megan! you've inspired me to do some before and after photos of the nursery.
    i found a cool kiwi blog and thought of you-


  4. Wow, those fresh white floors look fantastic! Love it. Pete's a real keeper, huh? That sounds like a lot of work but what a great result.