A Village Life

Monday, December 13, 2010

Dinner Party Part 2

What to do when you have an overabundance of kaimoana and produce?  Have friends over for dinner.  This week's work schedule for Pete included obtaining a large pack horse crayfish whilst diving to free up an anchor and collecting 40 odd scallops whilst doing something else 'work' related.  We also doubled up on vegetables since Pete stopped at a produce stand on his way back from Tauranga and I thought I was doing well to stock up in Pt. Wells after work on Thursday. 
Alors....voila, le dinner party part deux........
Juicy scallops fresh from the sea

Tasmanian cheeses with artisan sourdough baguette
Crudites and crayfish, tomato/cucumber/feta/mint salad and bbq'd scallops served with homemade wasabi mayonnaise and hummus


  1. yummmmm. looks amazing. i wish i could come over and eat with you. i've never had scallops in the shell like that - looks beautiful. i did get some terrible food poisoning from scallops a few years ago and have been skittish about them since then...

  2. Oh, Meg. How I wish I could crash your dinner parties. Makes me long for your next visit and a day of lingering over cheese and wine and the view from 10 acres...