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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Fever

Amidst preschool politics, sick children and windy cold weather I have somehow managed to come down with a serious case of spring fever.  Seed mix in hand I planted out a variety of seeds today: watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, cavolo nero, basil, borlotti beans, the list goes on. 

fingers crossed, I've never been that great at growing from seed

awww, Rexy

I can't wait to get planting.  I spruced up the veg bed the other day (ripped out all the weeds actually).  Pete has brought home a bunch of timber that was due to be thrown out from his work so my new front yard vegetable beds are making progress already.  We have started our summer list as inspired by Estelle at Under A Pink Moon.  It seems hard to avoid it being a list of jobs rather than a list of fun things to do or accomplish this summer.  Nonetheless we are working on our list and it is revving me up for an awesome summer.  Yesterday I moved another quite large piece of furniture into a "much better location" after seeing an idea in a furniture catalog.  The day before that I experimented with something I had never made before: hokey pokey (honeycomb for the non-kiwis).  When I showed it to Pete he responded with "oh, it didn't work".

melt together sugar and golden syrup, then boil for 2 minutes

add baking soda and voila!
I thought it did work and was quite proud showing him the result.  My idea was to use it to make homemade violet crumble bars with dark chocolate.  It is still in my plan but I think I'll try making a bigger batch of the hokey pokey to work with.  I'll call this one the first attempt.  Anyway, lots happening here due to this fever of mine and if anyone has any summer list suggestions I'd be love to hear from you!


  1. I've always wanted to try making that! I'm doing a recipe link up on Tuesdays. Would love for you to join in!!

  2. I love the new banner picture, so cute. Is that your yard? No idea what that hokey pokey business is. Looks a bit scary. When I was in NZ 10 years ago, I was obsessed with lolly cake. Do you ever make that?

  3. Oh my, I love your new banner. Those brave girls and that view. Wow. And I hope you whip up a batch of hokey pokey for me next summer. Looks pretty good to me. Can't wait to hear about your summer list and get progress reports on all those veggies!

  4. I'll eat that pile of pokey! Dying to know what the heck a violet crumble bar is too. Yum yum summer fun. My cantaloupes are way off and running. I'll send you a pic soon. I'm so excited that it's your season for garden updates. What should I plant for winter once we yank the pumpkins?

  5. Oh and the new banner pic is perfection!