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Monday, May 12, 2014

A Blurry Review of the Night

The scene was set beautifully, candles and flowers everywhere

The cocktail recipes for the night were well utilized of course! The Great Gatsby and French 75 were my favorite.

First arrival, still looking pretty fresh and sober

Dapper Dan

Most authentic looking of the evening goes to.....Tangiwai!!!

Donna and Craig

Mixing it up

Good conversation flowing and drinks in hand

Peter Crabb in red

Ooh la la Liz

Food still looking a plenty at this stage

Cake time; I blew out not only the 4 candles on the cake but all the rest on the island bench!

Clothes begin to rumple now as the night wears on

Old friends catching up; the lovely Norm, Hamish and Campbell

What's up with the daggers; smile Helena?!  Notice my costume change.

Dancin', dancin' dancin'.

Messy buggers

Now I lay me down to sleep.....little does he know his wife is going to wake him up a few hours later to go collect the kids.

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