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Friday, November 8, 2013


We are so nearly there but man, I am so exhausted all of a sudden.  It has finally caught up with me.  I've spent 2 days unpacking boxes and putting stuff away.  I've re-sorted the downstairs rumpus/guest room and it is very nearly ready for the Broggi family visit.  Pete plumbed in the kitchen tap and dishwasher last night and the electrician rigged up power to the dishwasher today.  I've finally got a working kitchen!  I may just be too tired to actually cook in it now.  There seem to be a million little things that need to be finished now.  We are waiting on one more major thing; the stainless kitchen bench for which the guy who was supposed to come measure up yesterday still hasn't arrived today and the clock is ticking towards the weekend.  Half the paintings/pictures/posters are hung but some are still sitting on the floor.  Blinds need to go back up.  Painting needs to be finished once the bench arrives, the outdoor water gutter system needs to be hooked up so we can start catching rainwater again and I've yet to find an outdoor patio light that has any sort of decorative style.  It's just good ole kiwi practicality in that department.  I can't order the one I want from the States because it's the wrong voltage!  We will just have to bbq with our headlamps on I suppose.  So here's a look at where we stand now:

prints to be hung
blinds to go back up

electrician left for lunch with the lights half hung

chairs to be repaired

more prints to hang

my favorite corner!!

no stainless bench, no working plug

massive double sink with dirty dishes in it...yuck!

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  1. It is all coming together and looking great. :)