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Friday, October 25, 2013

Living in a dust bowl

Well the builders have left the building and we are left with enormous amounts of dust.  Dust everywhere!  Dust inside, dust outside, dust on my skin, dust in our beds, on our food......you get the picture.  No matter how many times we sweep and vacuum, the dust just reappears.  I am on a countdown to the end.  10 days and we should be moving our stuff into our kitchen, dining and living room once and for all.  Yesterday I moved all of our stuff, one more time, from the downstairs up to the deck where we are now "living" or shall I say camping for the next 10 days.  Thank god we decided to cover most of the deck.  So this is where we stand 7 days away from the flooring finally arriving and 10 days away from the install of the kitchen. 
our new living space

ghetto makeshift kitchen

floors prepped and ready for the flooring to be laid

walls are plastered and sealed, awaiting a final sand and paint!

color samples

big white empty room!

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