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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I've never made a decent tamale but with all the ingredients in my freezer I thought it was about time I tried again.  Luckily I found this brilliant you tube channel.  After watching a few of her tamale making videos I cracked on to give it a go myself. 
masa dough made with oil instead of lard

soaked corn husks, cheese and salsa ready and waiting

a good smear of masa and a huge block of cheese (I should have used twice as much cheese)

Steaming away for hours

The result was so yummy.  I should have used as much cheese as she suggested but it looked like heaps.  She also put a big slice of jalapeno in hers which would have been divine.  Of course I never got around to taking any photos of the final product on the plate; we were way too busy feasting on them!

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