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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clean Scrubs

I constantly keep an eye out for new facial scrubs that are truly "clean and green".  I don't want to put my face through some sort of chemical wash each and every day.  A simple pure non creamy facial scrub is my preference.  Acure organics sea kelp scrub is the one I really want to try but with shipping costs higher than the actual product cost, I will have to wait till I am stateside to try it.  In the meantime I picked up a local Australasian brand that contains no icky ingredients.  Unfortunately it is another creamy scrub that leaves my face feeling moisturised rather than cleansed.  Browsing the supermarket a few days ago I found St.Ives green tea scrub which is new in their range.  I used to use their apricot scrub until I decided to forgo the chemicals for something more natural.  This new one claims to be on the "eco-friendly" side.  I found out otherwise on this website.  It's really worth checking your products on this sight to see how much exposure you might be giving yourself to nasty and unnecessary toxins and dangerous chemicals.  Now my dilemma: what do I do with my 2 brand new scrubs that I am really not satisfied with?!   Any suggestions on good scrubs or facial wash products would be much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Megan. Since living in NZ, I've been using the olive and castor oil method for cleaning my face every night. There's how tos on lots of blogs but basically you use half and half mixture (although you can experiment using more olive oil if your skin is dry and more castor oil if oily). You massage it onto dry skin then place a very hot flannel over your face for a few seconds, then rinse off using the flannel. Skin feels clean and smooth and you don't need to put on moisturiser!

    In the morning I just wash my face with water. As for natural facial scrubs, I've used coarse sea salt ground up in pestle and mortar with olive oil and lemon juice. xx