A Village Life

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Finished Projects

I am on a mission as of late to finish all outstanding projects in the house.  In the past few days I have managed to tick off quite a few.  First the new room, then a pinafore sewing project and finally my crocheted house jacket.  Some of my crafty projects have been a success and others not so much. 

reversible pinafore for messy projects

goofy model

the ugliest jacket in the world!  how grandma-ish; will I ever wear it!?

Now I can carry on with my knitted cardigan (I think it's actually going to be quite pretty and usable), the repainted manrobe and a desk rescue project.  I must keep repeating the mantra "don't start the next project until you finish the current one".


  1. Ha ha! I know the feeling. Can you cut and stitch the cardi without it unfurling? If so, it could make a nice, cap sleeve shrug with one big chunky button. Currently I'm making myself a 50s outfit for a Jubilee Fete, children's trousers and dresses (jumpers).... Mainly unfinished at the moment.x

  2. when its cold out and you just want to bundle up the sweater will be perfect!! the pinafore is adorable..............as is the model. i love rita's bangs!!! so cute!