A Village Life

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My how your garden grows!

A progress update on our new veg garden.  It is flourishing!  We've been snacking on strawberries, eating lettuce, broad beans and carrots, making pesto and cooking up spinach galore.  Not long till we are popping tomatoes into our mouths and having snow peas and cucumbers in our salads.  The courgettes have bloomed and the flowers are just waiting to be stuffed, dipped in batter and fried.

New and improved rainbow climbing wall up and running. 

And that's not all that's been growing....


  1. I'm DYING over this post. First, I'm totally salivating and so jealous over your garden. It sounds and looks amazing. And then that rainbow climbing wall - amazing. Is that Peter's handiwork? I'm so impressed. You know I love anything with a rainbow involved. And then Tui...I just want to eat her whole. She's just delightful!

  2. Oh my, Tui is big! And your garden is great. I'm sick of our dreary weather already and the summer is so far off...