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Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Complete

Life must be getting back to normal.  Recently I picked up my deserted crochet project that had been on the go months before little Tui came along.  It was at an almost finished stage so I decided to finish it once and for all.  It started out as a door mat using leftover bits of yarn from my stash.  Then I realized that I had messed up the pattern and it was way too big for a door mat.  I decided to call it a rug instead.  Then I realized that it wasn't really going to be a great rug either.  This is so typical of all my crocheting endeavors.  Luckily my crafty sister in law Anna saw it and suggested making into a lumbar cushion.  Perfect!  A cushion it would become.  It only took a few days to finish it off and once I did I discovered that it actually doesn't suit anywhere in our house.  It temporarily is in the kids room on their little settee until I find someone to give it to or until the next time we move house (probably never) or redecorate (most likely not going to happen in this decade).

It wouldn't be a good post if I didn't throw in a picture of chubby chops herself....

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  1. Oh god - she's so incredibly beautiful!!!!! and, I love the dog blanket turned into a pillow. it's so cute in their room!