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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tui spent her first night alone in her own bedroom on Sunday night.  She did amazingly well.  I on the other hand was a total wreck.  I spent all night with my ears pricked listening for her every sound and movement just in case by some fluke sleeping in there might cause death or something.  No, it doesn't funnily enough.  The main reason I decided to move her out of our room is quite silly really.  This is why.....
A friend of ours gave her these adorable handmade wall letters.  Now that they adorn her bedroom wall I though the room was looking too cute not to be using it!  Good enough reason if you ask me. 
Our dear friends came up from the Waikato where they are dairy farmers.  They brought their 3 girls ages 6 months, 2 years and 3 and a half years old and they spent the weekend with us.  4 adults and 6 little girls under the age of 5.  You can only imagine the fun we had!  There seemed to always be someone breastfeeding, someone taking a nap, someone having a nappy changed and someone throwing a fit. 

Tui is now even more full of smiles and actually giggled at me the other day.  What a joy to hear.
This afternoon might be a totally different story.  We are off to have her 6 week immunization shots.  My heart is already breaking up.  It is worse for me than for her.  I said to Pete that he has never had to take any of the kids to get their shots and how lucky he is.  It is agonizing watching them but it has to be done.  At the same time Rita will be getting her before school check.  My oh my how time flies.  It seems like just yesterday she was the little 6 week old getting her shots!.
And as for Gigi well.....

She can just keep entertaining us as usual. 
Now as for this post baby body.  Anyone have any advice on melting 5 kg of fat off my body?  I went out running as I have been trying to do and I was horrified feeling the jiggle wiggle with each step I took.  Honestly it was gross.  I am not one to bypass food so I guess hitting the pavement will be the only way to get back to normal.  Whatever that is.  I guess normal now is droopy, stretched and unable to hold the pee in my bladder.


  1. What a creative and beautiful gift. It's so cute. And those two photos are crazy. Can't believe Tui is already smiling and giggling. And your little clown is cracking me up. I can imagine them all competing for the love and attention. Emerson talks about being a baby all the time and she has no one to compete with...I wonder what that's all about.

  2. Those girls are too cute and I love those letters. Are they wood?
    I wish I knew how to melt the baby weight away. I've still got mine 8 months postpartum. I just love to eat. It's hard for me to find the time to run but I go on a lot of long walks with the baby and I actually just signed up for weight watchers. I have officially turned into my mother.
    I can't believe Tui smiles at 6 weeks!! Mya be Ceci did too? I can't remember shit anymore.

  3. my god..........look at the smiles on those two girls!!! so cute!
    and oh the shots!!! for the love of god the shots..........i always walk out of there dripping in sweat. i hate it.
    im still shocked at how much i can feel my ass jiggle as i run along....and i didnt have a baby 6 weeks ago. keep on keeping on and you will be back to your fit as a fiddle ways.
    love you.....