A Village Life

Thursday, July 29, 2010

kimono wrap

As soon as I put down my crochet hook from the ripple afghan project (which I will tell you more about later), I couldn't resist having a go at this little number.  It's not perfect but it was really good to practice making something other than a blanket.  I finished it in no time at all (ignoring my children as a good mother does while I feverishly crocheted).  I was super excited to put to use the buttons I bought at the Alameda flea market.  They topped the kimono off perfectly, adding a feminine bling factor.  It's a bit big as you can see (my husband was calling it her sumo jacket).  My daughter is 10 months old but I used the measurements for the 18 month pattern so she can get 2 winters worth of wear from it.    


  1. Oh Meg - it's perfect! I'm so impressed! And looking at this picture makes me miss Gigi like crazy....

  2. oh my god meg!!!! its so cute and i cant believe that you finished it so quickly.....no telling what you can achieve when you ignore your children for a day or 2!!!!!

  3. Meg, this little sweater is so cute! And of course those buttons make it even more special. Gigi looks so cozy, warm and chic!